Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mouse Urine Look Is This Mouse Or Cat Urine?

Is this Mouse or Cat urine? - mouse urine look

Last year I was on the urine stains in several places (especially on the lookout to the left in the dirty laundry in the apartment on the left) in my room (basement). I always assumed it was my cat, and the accused (with a minor) at a time. But today I heard a scratching and sees a small area rug, and I saw a mouse on the field. Almost immediately, I began to even smell of urine. I checked and indeed there was a pee stain on his shirt (I was washing a load at once), and left the second charge on my stick. I saw my cat in my room for a while, so it is fair to assume that they (and all) that mice that pee is not my cat?

Pee is the unpleasant smell, almost as if someone diving orand the skin of KFC chicken in the urine excreted.

I have heard that black lights can be used, mouse pee, a black light that is able to distinguish whether it was the mouse or the cat pee monitor?