Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wedding Program Wording On Cover 2008 What's The Best Wording For A Nonreligious Wedding Program That Covers The Events In The Reception As Well?

What's the best wording for a nonreligious wedding program that covers the events in the reception as well? - wedding program wording on cover 2008

I make wedding programs for my wedding. However, have taken on the basis of my research programs are provided for the wedding and I found only programs, detailing the events during the ceremony. But my girlfriend and I are not particularly religious, and not a Christian faith-based ceremony. We want you to all events on our wedding day (the site's coverage of the ceremony are the same as the host side) to events at the reception. We believe that this will help to better inform our customers about what happens in the night. Any advice would be very grateful!

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