Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dune Buggy Suspension Is It Possible To Get A Better Suspension For This?

Is it possible to get a better suspension for this? - dune buggy suspension

I have a 93 Corolla wagon, and the need for a better suspension. I use the car to work at night, and many readers will disagree with her. (No, not pizza delivery :-)

As it is now when I go over some pavement sleepers in residential buildings, the frame, no matter how slow strike.

Invisible humps can also be curved front, in me when I met both 10-15 MPH.

What it the type of suspensions that are prams and expensive?

Is it possible to resolve this problem without a fortune and make way back more flexible to avoid damaging the axle on acceleration, and perhaps even to improve mileage?

I suggested calling a local business, "improvement" of the crisis and put in High Springs. Hopefully it's the matter?

But what the car is not buggy, so they all take off-road without damage?

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Kasey C said...

When was the last time that the suspension of your control?

Looks like you just better shocks / struts, or just new need.

Buggies are to give a maximum amount of travel, the rate of several centimeters, almost the entire foot, depending on the execution. You do not have much.

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