Monday, January 25, 2010

Fake Comunity Service Ideas Unethical Medical Field, Fake Surgeries, Bloated Medicine Prices By Jain Hospital?

Unethical medical field, fake surgeries, bloated medicine prices by Jain Hospital? - fake comunity service ideas

Jain Hospital - Operations false, forged, must WWS high prices in the pharmacy, doctors ...?
In Other - Health --

was banned by Yahoo to show that the hospital
Is that correct?

The topic was recently published MedPlus Stoes a 10% discount on the prices to correct, for example,
The "gloves in hospital Jain, Blore and other large: R 34 / R as MedPlus = 15 / = for the goods of the same
Levels Jain R-360 / = for a package of 5-pack of 10 is not available - from 400 rupees = a 10 pack!
"An injection costs Rs 1300 / = is on the selling MRP Rs 2500 / to Jain Hospital, Blore

and have the courage to speak against its policies. People please answer if it's just that Yahoo has been done to stop the pursuit of truth?

Negative comments will be fraud in most greedy medical community mining community in general.


Shriekkk... said...

This is true of most large hospitals - most doctors are far more guilty - a group of pickpockets and thieves of the promise of aid.

We need strict laws against the incompetent.

Check the check in his oath, every 2-3 years to determine whether Theyve property and how to do so.
All committees should be kept in the medical field, all this will stop automatically

brinjals... said...

They do a great job

Yahoo is not the right question should be prohibited, shame on them for support of the white offenders.

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