Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moen Bathtub Single Handle Hot Water Problem No Hot Water....Moen Single Handle Faucet Not Working?

No Hot Water....Moen Single Handle Faucet Not Working? - moen bathtub single handle hot water problem

I asked something similar last night. Here's the deal. I rarely use the shower and the tub was not working a year ago. In the summer, I realize that the fate of the cold water tap. I tested it again yesterday .... equal, and let me work for long, if I all the way hot water pressure drops significantly, and you can barely feel the hot water .... present a simpler solution? How?


Tripping Billies said...

Well, the first answer was close .... The second answer is quite a different valve (Delta) I bet he is a lever-valve ...... It is a scald guard valve ..... was designed to keep small children to turn water to hot and burn ... You have to go out of his skin and make the small piece of plastic back into management and hot water ... ... You can solve this problem myself, but you may need to call a plumber ...... You do not turn the Waterhouse when everyone out of the grip. ... Good luck

Rich Z said...

It is a mechanism that detects the temperature of the water mixture and hold the hot water tap, if the current is too hot. It seems to be blocked, probably mineral deposits in water after he used for so long.

MOEN call the toll-free support and find ways to open and clean mineral deposits or other obstacles.

Call: 1-800-BUY-MOEN

cedykema... said...

Go to the hardware store and a valve rebuild kit.

What happens is that their operation runs a ball with holes. To operate the valve is not by small springs, which have surrounded a rubber seal to a ball in the middle is water, tap water from this ball and to "connect. I think what is in your case, the rubber gasket stuck in the ball, move the handle does not allow for holes and tap the ball on the line so that water can be. Depending on how they describe only occurred on the warm side.

Correct this problem is simple: first on water pipes and the valve to the other. Identify the parts that I described, and replace the ground or caught. The rooms are very cheap and you should be able to replace the seals and springs within an hour.

It is possible that the valve, I am not speaking here as a Delta (thanks, there are 3 types), but it's a moot point. You do not SAand that the valve in this manner before and after he did not, I think the pressure is reduced by hot water, not with the plastic ring, which restricts the flow of water bound traded.

If it's a game of pressure valves of the type that gives a sudden drop on one side, which prevents a sudden flush with hot water, leaving too cold, and almost no water, no matter what you need to rotate the valve . All this amounts to the valve closure and reconstruction kit is always in order.

Now that I think, I wonder whether your phone line can have a bubble in it. I saw this as a problem.

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