Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nicotine Urine Test Will An At-home Nicotine Test Notice If The Urine Is Diluted With Tap Water?

Will an at-home nicotine test notice if the urine is diluted with tap water? - nicotine urine test

I have to pass a nicotine urine test tomorrow, stupid, and I can nicotine in my system, because yesterday I was 1 cigarette.
I realized that I could not run with the tapping noise. Drug test to be invalid or something, if my urine is diluted with tap water are shown?


Electric Monkey said...

Hello!! Of course you can't dilute it with tap water. For the same price just fill the cup with apple juice!

Candie said...

Probably. If the tester drinks too much water (or water mixed with urine), the sample is "too thin" to be rejected.

Almost all the evidence for the presence of cotinine, nicotine because cotinine in the body longer than nicotine. A person who has a cigarette or two have banned cotinine in their bodies for several days, but can still be a heavy smoker cotinine in your body for up to 14 days after the last cigarette.

sowhatuw... said...

*** Why did you have to exist a nicotine test. lol yeah but that it should work if the water using a single-bit ID, perhaps, is the use of food as its yellow color, but it's still careful that you do not I rarely lol idea that even

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