Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bang Bus - Large And In Charge What`s The Funniest Thing Your Have Seen Or Heard???

What`s the funniest thing your have seen or heard??? - bang bus - large and in charge

Children need to comfort me now for a few funny stories ..

Here `s an from me ... I was in traffic and I could see this man .. was very quiet ... runs on the sidewalk in a hurry in the near future .. Opportunities does not mean to fall on the black garbage bag ... is still working .. he keeps looking behind him .. do not know why at this time .. then suddenly an explosion !!.... leads directly to another man and knocks him to fly .. Faces gives the man a little .. .. Sorry IAM continues to run, and was getting faster and faster, while behind him, then bang, to a light pole .. Sparko has .. Then I understood why he was running .. That would take a bus that was stuck in traffic .......... lollol must say I was crying with laughter, I had to stop to urinate, I saw her laughing kill the other driver to ... .... Nevertheless, I found this ........... very funny


wings of fire said...

OMG that was funny!

I remember last year in our school we have this compititions between 4 classes. (Lord, junior, sophomore and freshmen), we are newcomers, so that detirmined to the higher classes every year becas versions hit the first year. In our group compititions air we had to make a theme of spring and Josh to this kind of very funny, he is wearing green dress in pastel shades and shorts to make them think (he) was just the dress, then s ', and danced around and made a lot of fun!
We have created in the 3rd, which was good because usually ranked exspecto other new students who will be the last.

Also needed in a talent contest of the day, we have a talent (the 3 and had neeed 2) for this type of our class came by his talent and played his shoulders. It was soooo funny! But he landed helpful, because if he does not, then we would ski.

My school is odd!

sighspy said...

in my school, where the guest of honor tried to sit in the chair that, as before itslef chair and took a drop in the call to the general public was .. ...

taketwo said...

especially in the comics

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