Thursday, November 5, 2009

Race Buggy Blueprints Is There A Way To Transform A Nitro Rc Buggy Into Like A Race Car So I Can Drift With It?

Is there a way to transform a nitro rc buggy into like a race car so i can drift with it? - race buggy blueprints

Ive never heard of anyone who tries, but could probably get road tires are much thinner and reduce his suspension, but it may take some tinkering with the clutch and of course to make it perfect, the problem is that things like thieves are traxxass Designed for rough terrain and the best possible grip, so it could be worth a try
but I doubt it

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Chris said...

He did not specify what kind of stroller you have, but I'll try to answer that question as best as possible. I suspect you have a 1:8 scale 4WD buggy. Rear-wheel drive, making it fall more in a row. You can cut the springs to lower the car. Buy stiffer springs available. Buy road tires, heavy and slightly ridged. Low translating to quicker acceleration. Pull the brake. Do what you can, and I am sure that your drift buggy. Enjoy!

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