Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pic Brazilian Wax Before After How Can I Make My Own A Carnival-style Mask? (pic)?

How can I make my own a carnival-style mask? (pic)? - pic brazilian wax before after

I am in this thing Fashion Show, where the topic of Brazil / upload! I make my own costume with a bathing suit ... Ideas?

I know how I (DIY) not one of them: ...

There are other photos in my album is inspiration. =]

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Brynn said...

Buy a cloth mask or regular store craft store Michael and silver spray paint and one of the little bottles of paint with a nozzle that can get the points. In addition, you can buy feathers, sequins, and a glue gun.

~ Gloves, work, and you wear clothes that are not afraid to be messy.
You will be drilling two holes on each side of the mask to attach a string to wrap around the head.
-Take the mask and put it in the newspaper and spray paint.
"After drying, remove the bottle to paint and decorate with stitches or outline of the holes for the eyes with a drawing.
-Use the hot glue gun to secure the feathers, but to ensure that they are set to line by line. If they are poorly organized, should be a big mess.
"After it has dried, check to see if something is not firmly attached to the rear.
"If you want, you can fold in a tape-punch to highlight alert.


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