Friday, November 6, 2009

Scoliosis More Condition_symptoms, Picture Since I Have Minor Scoliosis Will I Get Taller If I Sit Up Straight More Often And Use Special Pillows If I?

Since i have minor scoliosis will i get taller if i sit up straight more often and use special pillows if i? - scoliosis more condition_symptoms, picture

Currently, I am 5ft10 and 17 and has an extended arm of 6ft2. My dad is 6ft3. If I just sit and often use special pillows
If sleep is the hump on the back of the scoliosis and I get reduced.

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Scott B said...

I think not. Sitting upright not correct scoliosis. The new function of the difference in arm span and height, you may have a curve of moderate to severe. (It just so long as his legs can, though.)

I suggest there be a scoliosis specialist to assess the back. After examining her, the advice you receive will depend on the size of the curve to do the growing crowd, if you're in pain, and if you are the heart and lungs are pressed through the curve, among other things.

If you are still growing, may require reinforcement. If you have a curve over 45 degrees, a possible candidate for the surgery. Straighten the spine increased by the operation, its size, but should never be considered * * spinal fusion only for aesthetic reasons.

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