Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Loli Why Don't These Annoying Little...?

Why don't these annoying little...? - little loli

Why is this boring Lolis small party in my car? I now offer them candy and stuffed animals (bears, rabbits, etc.) to get inside. Recently, this has not been very nice with all the "take any candy from strangers" things. Maybe I should just go hide in the bushes with chloroform?

TL, DR: How can I VAN LOLI?

Can I get a few tips from the pros?

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Sherlock said...

Okay sick pervert or an idiot! Do you understand the extent and impact of what you say? If you are a joke ... As a former criminal investigator, I am here, that your ... No joke Damn!

Children are innocent victims of adult patients perverse. These children, if you're lucky to survive the ordeal, are emotionally scarred for their lives. Any person who abuses a child should be given to the child's family and save the taxpayers money! Or can the judiciary perverse far in the general population and let them manage their own brand of justice!

Even if you say you're joking ... beat sexually abused with the abduction and a child, tells me that you think seriously about it! You can use a door that will not go there to have opened.

It is a serious matter and should not be underestimated! Who knows, the joke can be checked with you in May, and you never know ... To open his mouth ... Insert Foot!

I hope that an official of a question ... reallywould not be too difficult to follow.

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