Thursday, February 18, 2010

Afterbirth Bloody Discharge My Dog Ive Had Discharge Ever Since Giving Birth 6 Months Ago?

Ive had discharge ever since giving birth 6 months ago? - afterbirth bloody discharge my dog

I brought a healthy child for 6 months with a normal delivery and when the bleeding stopped placenta is thick, itchy, smell is not enough, but when it happens, I can feel, and what is not very easy and happens all the time, I went to doctors and had an exchange of action, but the results were normal, but the nurse noticed he had an ulcer in the stomach and I found the appointment to someone else and when he was a job that I was bleeding and loss account of a bloody color one or two days, I am about what concerns and havnt got a new appointment with a specialist again, and I want it sorted, someone can help, please?

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Jamie L said...

I do not know if you have something to do with the birth or not, but it seems, can you have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginal. My sister has recently, missed the same thing, and the doctors for the first time I had the doctors to take another smear.

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