Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Does The Cat Scratch Tray Instead Of Litter Litter Box?

Litter box? - why does the cat scratch tray instead of litter

If my cats, the litter after they have done, rather than for what I did, is totally lost and scratching the litter box, or ........ Why? Sometimes I have to cover! my cat using the toilet and after walking festival scratches little nervous, then again in no time meet once again its fun .... to see, but the advice unpleastant Relle smell .. lol?


Mark S said...

I do not think that it can do much really you, to be honest, not to his car.

psyduck lover said...

YH my dose, but I do not think that there is something that they teach about to leave and go to the bathroom on the lawn or something!

pinky964... said...

It is a chat area is normally zero, because it marks the cleverly self-evident that it is possible that "things" and that nobody else can .... are do not worry that the missing cats sometimes do ... try to represent using the Recycle Bin!

marleysf... said...

can not answer your question, but I can say that I have 2 exactly the same, are not large

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