Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Light Olive Paint Colors Wallpaper Border Matching To Paint?

Wallpaper border matching to paint? - light olive paint colors

I only have my laundry room color green olive / lemon green. I have a border along the middle of the wall, and the color of the wallpaper border is exactly the same as the color of paint, flowers, olive and light sky blue, lime green leaves. My friend told me that the limit should be darker than the color of the paint. Is he right. I was surprised, one identical in color and wallpaper border to come.


Happy Person said...

It is really looking to go after you. He opted for the color in the laundry room, because obviously loves. As for the border ... tends to be slightly lighter or darker wall real time. You have said that the border has sky blue flowers on this topic. It looks like the project that you have chosen is very bright colors and sounds to me like they will unknowingly bit soft and subtle. I'm sure it looks good. In addition, the paper size and even the color will not go to the wall to break an edge contrast. This will be the largest in the treatment room. Most laundry rooms are super spacious why appear smaller than it is.

Rhoda K said...

Well, very good eye! If the limit has to be different or lighter or darker. You do not want the same color, because they can not save this type of paint and time. Good luck with your laundry!

justsend... said...

I think that should be followed by the limit you purchased, if you want. There is really no fixed rules and in the world of decoration. If it makes you happy, it's your laundry!

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