Sunday, February 7, 2010

Color On Bottom Of Keystone Can What Do The Highlighter Color Dots Mean On The Bottom Of Keystone Light Cans?

What do the highlighter color dots mean on the bottom of keystone light cans? - color on bottom of keystone can

I've heard the points of different colors on the bottom of the cans of the key light is the difference in quality. What exactly is the answer to this question?


kimbolee said...

They are there, to determine how the beer is fresh, so technically it could be good.

Every month, traders Coors Company (and all the beer companies) to ensure return to the stores that sell their products, and that no beer or old, "stale on the shelves. The reason: No one doubts that the business sells beer If the beer is bad. Instead, they automatically think the quality of products and the company that (we buy bread 3 weeks, should not it? Same concept). The point there is to say to the dealer for a beer yet fresh enough to be sold.

Vote Saxon! said...

Depending on whom you ask, what vats left the bottling plant, where it always say, is a numbering system ... but it is the most popular theories.

Alberto V said...

As the bread in the supermarket are, bread ties different colors. I think the colors are used to determine freshness. I do not know what color is the coolest ... Will you have a stock of good taste.

chaddeez... said...

which are laced with experimental projects of the government so they can see how it is

HeidiM said...

This means that you Skunky drink cheap beer!

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