Thursday, February 11, 2010

Belly Line Laser Hair Removal Cost I Wanna Get Laser Hair Removal On The Line Under My Belly Button. Anybody Knows How Much Does It Cost?

I wanna get laser hair removal on the line under my belly button. anybody knows how much does it cost? - belly line laser hair removal cost

I tried shaving and waxing and depilatory creams but now I have very bad ingrown hairs. My stomach is ruinned I can not wear a bathing suit or something just because I have also tried to get rid of dark spots, ingrown hairs. If you have any advice or suggestions that can help please let me know that I'm desperate: (


Anonymous said...

It would be very expensive ... I have also heard that it is painful as the pregnancy and every two months would have to pluck it. no! single thread, the thread somewhere ... Make sure, however, that the Indian threader so you know it do a cultural person, and some of them. I hope that helped!

Anonymous said...

It stretches 200 to $ 600 for laser hair removal. I do not know if it's painful, but I'm sure I could ask around. Oh, and the 200 is $ 600 for each visit. You have to pay that amount! Oh, your face, but I think it would be worth the money.

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