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Pittsburgh Penguins Neck Tie What If...New Jersey Won The First Pick In The 1984 NHL Entry Draft?

What if...New Jersey won the first pick in the 1984 NHL Entry Draft? - pittsburgh penguins neck tie

We know the story now: the New Jersey Devils and the Pittsburgh Penguins were neck and neck for the first choice in the NHL Entry Draft, 1984th Price: Mario Lemieux. Legend has it that the pins before Tanked games down the stretch, the right to select first win. Suppose that you have chosen wisely feathers.

Think for a moment. What happens if Pittsburgh does not "fight" until the end of 1983/84? New Jersey have been given talent Lemieux (and screwed in these days, would not, "Mickey Mouse" franchise, that a) upwards. Above all, they have begun to receive the foundations for the future of his team by Patrik SunStrom, Sean Burke, Ken Daneyko, Bruce Driver, John MacLean, and others in the mix. Lemieux, a Devils have a candidate before? What would be the Penguins? Could it be that today, even in Pittsburgh, if you have changed the story?


Like I'm Telling You Who I A said...

Good question.

How to Fill Penguins game ........... not believe all the legends. Lemieux was firmly convinced that he would not play in Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh All-Stars with 7 points in New Jersey. Both teams were very bad, but. March 22, in 1984 a weakness, but, as Rick Kehoe 4 points ..... while Pittsburgh has a 13.4-shell on the Spectrum. Great game to watch ...... If you're a Flyers fan.

Now, Lemieux was a demon, I think the devil will be contenders in 1988 or more. In the coming years, designed the Devils well. Verbeek Daneyko and the driver had in his lap, but they were very weak in defense and attack. It took several years for them to consolidate the holes.

Now back to your question. The Devils became the monster that was on the back of the castle on the left, and Martin Brodeur. Like Mario, with Jacques Lemaire?

Oh, and not Mario in Pittsburgh? They were rescued by Sundin and Lindros. The penguins really earning money in theThe early 80s before the arrival of Lemieux.

Hmmmmmm, linking the two issues at once!
Mario Colorado, instead of Claude. Based on the Oilers run late 80, I think that would be the addition of Mario, the Avalanche line-up of the icing on the cake and Roy have been useless.
Watching Sakic and Lemieux in the 2002 Olympic Games when they played together was fascinating. Imagine what was in the mid 90s ...................

Of course, there is a final piece of the puzzle ........... What happens if the Colorado Rockies moved to East Rutherford? When finished Mario and the Nordiques?

N/A said...

Guess Devils4history high enough, lol. Lemieux is not included in the system of demons, but the Devils have become a LEF-lock right, team first line of defense with Lemieux? I do not think that would be of more offensive players to help him, most likely to decline further to add, in order to win this won in the 90s were. Penguins probably have gone bankrupt in the next 2 seasons. Finally, Mario saved 3 times in his life. Might have been If the Devils Lemieux I've ever had in hockey (it, but Lemieux was back to me already you can watch the games and the rest is history!).

devils4h... said...

Hey Bro, Lemieux was definitely not win, but I am so proud to be crazy, we chose a star Brodeur even better later in a few years!

Our team was full of heart and believe me, if Lemieux had received probably did not succeed, Scotty Stevens and Lemieux I would have the choice at any time, anywhere! hes a guy much more useful! Leadership, warriors, and the playmaker and not paid d-man!

Even with Mario has not feathers as successful as we have been, but he had a career longer!

Thank God we did not pick on me again !!!!!!, Gretzky Mario Stevens, is it not sound strange, Gretzky could never lead us to 3 cups and the best pair Lemieux has never changed a team in the history the sport and Brodeur, Stevens! WHN arrived, lights !!!!!!!!

Keith said...

What happens if ... He stopped, stupid questions, only a time machine built and brainwashing and what instruments go back and change history and see what would have happened.

Butters said...

Demons, who won montroel Canadian team of 90, he reached the end of the Stanley CUOS each year.

zapcity2... said...

The feathers have been removed or moved, and we all have a decade have been captured. The NHL could not be very different had the League of Pittsburgh, this swan song.

Gary P said...

The Pittsburgh Penguins have gone for years. New Jersey Devils probably a dynasty team with Brodeur Lemieux stop the attack and have been on the pill.

eric said...

If the "if" 5ths "... 'd be all drunk.

The last time I checked 2007 and nobody spits something that happened 23 years ago.

What would have happened if Len Bias snort coke ... what would have happened with the Celtics?

Who cares?

What would have happened if Elway gone, the Colts instead of Denver?

Who cares?

What would have happened if Pelle Lindbergh was not drunk and ran into a wall ... what were the Flyers?

Who cares?

What if Babe Ruth was in Boston? or Baltimore, for that matter?

Who cares?

Even if they realize the Devils to have any chance of winning the World Cup in the short term and therefore you are thinking about the past, drawing on the hypothetical is a waste of time.

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