Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where To Find Zebra Print Bed N A Bag Is A Zebra Bedroom Design A Good Idea?

Is a zebra bedroom design a good idea? - where to find zebra print bed n a bag

In going to decorate my room soon, and in regard to painting the walls of a sexy pink (dark pink, but bright color).

Heres what Im thinking at:
* Sexy Pink Walls
* Zebra Print Bed Together
* Zebra Mats
* Bed side lamp pink or zebra
* Pink or Dachschatten Zebra
* WC White
* Fabric Zebra picture
N * Small white tea-TV, Xbox PlayStation
* No white mirror shelf

I'm not sure what color carpet to get an idea?
Sounds good?
If you do not need pink or zebra print set up?
and where can all this cheap?

by the way a teenager IM ...


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