Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Autocad Lt Fr Torrent Is It Normal For Cpu Usage To Spike When Opening Autocad Lt?

Is it normal for cpu usage to spike when opening autocad lt? - autocad lt fr torrent

I have an older version of AutoCAD LT for Windows 2000. Using Task Manager to monitor CPU and memory shows that the CPU usage spikes to 100% only for the opening of AutoCAD LT and at 100% all the time it starts, maintained, when I actually used the program or not. Is this normal?


Andres Rios said...

? Thus, perhaps? I think you should consider upgrading the computer or with your version of AutoCAD. But if you still pluging with a machine to 2000 and everything is working for you, so do not worry. AutoCAD is just "reporting" on the CPU utilization, so that Windows will not start to get ideas and make TAKS background while
Not impossible, only experienced programmers, everything is fine with the machine.
so quiet. :)

jayz said...

Summit typically up to 100% because all these things AutoCAD loads. If you say that it is maintained at 100% all the time, it means that your computer needs to be updated. Recital prefer to add the processor or RAM. a powerful graphics card, which is necessary for the display of 3D images, downloading large files or execute complex projects.

_Laval G said...

Make sure that if the UR system is efficient or not, but I would say yes, the program requires a large amount of treatment .. should always be an analysis of the Windows Live OneCare protects PCs running ur good and fast. clean all the garbage system UR

a note, try to download another program AutoCAD and see if it does the same. download.com

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