Friday, February 5, 2010

Iosol And Weight Loss Iosol Iodine...for Weightloss?

Iosol Iodine...for weightloss? - iosol and weight loss

I), subclinical hypothyroidism, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (polycystic ovaries. I do not go as drastic as the synthetic hormones like Synthroid my hormones and weight loss to determine. I heard that may help iosol iodine supplementation. Has anyone ever thought why? Did it work? There is a natural complement to the other?

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a sojourner said...

Really need to increase iodized salt in the diet to ensure an adequate supply of iodine. Otherwise, take kelp tablets or kelp. All algae are a rich source of iodine. Otherwise, you can take the gum guggul [Commiphora mukul], because thyroid hormones and extra virgin olive oil, coconut, will also have increased a tonic effect on the thyroid gland ..

To learn more about coconut oil for thyroid: ...

For more information on gum guggul the thyroid: ...

I hope that helps.

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