Monday, February 1, 2010

Leather Sofa Ripped At Seam How Do I Repair Leather Sofa Seam Is Ripped How Can I Repair It?

Leather sofa seam is ripped how can i repair it? - leather sofa ripped at seam how do i repair

The seams leather sofa cushions were torn apart by my dog has no idea how to fix it. I can not be a professional to fix it here What can I do?


eskie lover said...

One possibility is to use carpet tape. It is double-sided sticky and you can get in DIY stores. Cut a small piece of tears, carefully falling behind and rip stick on one side (in the vein), it is exposed to that half of the film, and half of the line to the addition, particularly in the fixed suspended Volume and press connect from the outside.

There are glues that hold leather, but you have to overlap a skin and probably in some leaked. Carpet tape is strong, and hold together the joint.

Enigma said...

if only the broken arm seam sewn together. With a curved needle, and the use of very thin lines or son resistant polyester of the same color

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